30 April 2016

2016 Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow val smith presents a two-part event that begins with a talk and demonstration at 1pm about her fellowship project THIS CLOUD IS QUEERING! Following this from 2 – 4pm val will present a workshop inside and around the Blue Oyster using some of the methods she has discussed in part one. Attendees are welcome to participate in either or both stages.

THIS CLOUD IS QUEERING! is a community dance project based around a process of mapping queer and trans experiences of public space across Dunedin city. The mapping process involves multiple strands of creative exploration, community building and experimental documentation including: one-on-one walks, discussions, classes and workshops and site-oriented performance tests.  

Using somatic dance and performance practices to document and explore places of significance for local queer and trans folk, THIS CLOUD IS QUEERING! investigates spaces for congregating or avoiding, and places for refuge, dating or creative expression. How do LGBTQI individuals and communities navigate city spaces in relation to issues of inclusion and exclusion, harassment and violence, safety, agency, celebration, visibility and invisibility? How we might map queer feelings, desires and other ephemeral experiences through dance and performance practices?