Stage Two

Three Stages of Turquoisation With Mark Harvey

4 March 2016 - 5 March 2016

Core Workshop Participants: Rata Scott, Ed Ritchie, val smith, Holly Aitchison, Yong-Wei Lim, Ravish Shah

Colours can change the world. So they say.
Some even assign their season to colours.
What’s your season?
Others attribute their ideological and emotional outlooks on the world to colour.
But we often overlook the ambiguous electricity of becoming turquoise.

The Blue Oyster is excited to present: ‘Three Stages to Turquoisation’ is a free 2 day workshop lead by 2006 Dunedin Fringe alumni Mark Harvey during the closing weekend of the 2016 Dunedin Fringe Festival on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March 2016.

Artists, Performance artists, enthusiasts, audience members and passersby alike were welcome to participate in any capacity over the duration of the workshop at the Blue Oyster, which eventually led to all participants becoming turquoise over three stages with a personal temporary transformation. Becoming productive beings in a pre-turquoise world that involves: group actions, material processing, volunteering and a hint of bureaucratic paperwork and mark making.


Workshop Programme

STAGE 1: FRIDAY 10am – 4pm

A guided performance tour of the city (warm up) beginning at Blue Oyster

STAGE 2: SATURDAY from 10am – 1pm

Turquoise transformation ritual at Blue Oyster (developed with participants)

STAGE 3: SATURDAY 2pm – 5pm

Performance: acts of turquoising beginning at Blue Oyster and moving through the city.

About the Blue Oyster – Fringe Performance Series

With the Blue Oyster and Dunedin Fringe Festival having kicked into action around Y2K, both organisations have long enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship supporting the arts in Dunedin; the Blue Oyster contributing to the Fringe programme a vital injection of contemporary performance work by a range of emerging and experimental practitioners. Past performers include: Zoe Crook and Aodhan Madden, Samin Son, The Yellow Men, Audrey Baldwin, Hana Aoake, Mark Harvey, Sylvia Schwenk, Motoko Kikkawa, Katrina Thompson and Miranda Bellamy – to name a few. Each year we are excited to see what the Fringe Festival will bring to Dunedin but also what it will bring to the Blue Oyster programme, and how the artists challenge their art form, their audience, and working on the Fringe.

In 2016 we have planned something a little different... a performance workshop performance! To tie in with our annual workshop series supporting emerging and experimental artists from our community, the performance workshop will provide participants the opportunity to interact with established performance artists and each other across four days of activities at the gallery. The workshop will be free of charge and take sign ups for those able to participate every day but also be open to public drop ins and new sign ups daily. This will provide a spontaneous framework for social experimentation and learning something new. The outcome will be an energetic framework for learning and experiencing performance in a contemporary and performance art.

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About Mark Harvey

Dr Mark Harvey is a performance artist and live artist working with choreography. Mark has presented performance work for the Blue Oyster and Dunedin Fringe Festival several time and is best known for his cardboard body suit and the journey he took down George Street on the ground using plungers to propel himself forward. His practices are conceptually driven and often dialogue and test out notions of minimal endurance with constructions of idiocy, seriousness and deadpan humour, drawing from his visual arts and contemporary dance influences.