Alex Monteith, A/V Senario (still), 2007

A/V Senario Alex Monteith

29 May 2007 - 16 June 2007

Alex Monteith's A/V Scenario imitates the spoke-backwards effect generated during car chase scenes in motion pictures.

"In A/V Scenario Monteith returns to familiar themes, producing a video installation incorporating kinetic sculpture and three CCTV cameras. Focused tightly on the spinning wheels of a model car, A/V Scenario's micro-cameras use a filmic lexicon of close-ups and mid-shots to produce "real time" images of a perpetually moving model alloy wheel. Monteith's video projection employs a low-tech aesthetic oddly redolent of the grain and hiss of 1920's silent film, while also cueing more recent preoccupations with popular film." – Michelle Menzies, 2006

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Presented alongside Jessica Douglas Threadbare and Sharna Osborne Renown (Salad Days)