24 March 2015 - 28 March 2015

A continuation of Francis van Hout’s preoccupation with spaces in between, INTERFERENCE TOO is a time-based meditation on the void-like spaces that are habitually created in every exhibition. For the Blue Oyster, this ‘between space’ is often manifested in the large front window that separates the passerby from the gallery but also invites a fishbowl-like impression of an exhibition. INTERFERENCE TOO will interrupt this experience, idealising the window as a subjective space rather than an objective threshold.

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This project is an extension of INTERFERENCE, van Hout’s recent project at The Physics Room library (21 February – 21 March), and his second interim project at the Blue Oyster. Read about the first one here.

During this exhibition we also helped the Adam Art Gallery launch their new book 'what is a life?' documenting Kim Pieters' 2014 solo survey exhibition. To purchase the book click here.