Ed lust and Laura Marsh, The Stars Have Always Risen , 2012

The Stars Have Always Risen Laura Marsh and Ed Lust

21 June 2012 - 28 June 2012

An offisite Project presented as a part of the Puaka Matariki Otepoti Festival 2013, Dunedin Community Gallery, Princes St

‘The Stars Have Always Risen’ refers to the fact that although the Matariki constellation has marked, and been celebrated as the beginning of the new year by Maori since pre-European arrival, celebrations dwindled in the 1940s. In 2000 celebrations were reinvigorated - and this exhibition seeks to re-emphasise the importance of the event in our cultural history, suggesting that even if something goes ignored, its significance does not change. 

One part of the exhibition will focus on the changing night sky and the characteristics of the Matariki stars, which have been described by scientists as young, hot and blue; their relative youth in astronomical terms means that they are hotter and therefore burn a blueish colour. Viewers to the exhibition will be able to simulate the experience of lying in the open watching the stars - something we hope will lead to contemplation of our place in the world and the importance of this time of year.

Laura Marsh graduated is the 2012 Olivia Spencer Bower artist in residence and is currently based in Dunedin. Ed Lust has recently graduated from the Ilam School of Fine Arts with a Masters in Fine Arts and exhibited in the Centre of Contemporary Art's Back Window series. Curated by Jamie Hanton.

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