Max Bellamy, Under My Breath, 2013

Come Rain; Come Shine Max Bellamy

15 February 2013 - 17 February 2013

In February 2013, The Blue Oyster Art Project Space took part in Stockholm’s independent art fair, SUPERMARKET. Dunedin based artist, Max Bellamy represented the Blue Oyster at the fair with a new video installation Come Rain; Come Shine. The work is comprised of two HD video loops; Under My Breath and Carriage (both 2013). Come Rain; Come Shine was also exhibited in New Zealand for the first time as part of FOREX.

Shot at Curio Bay in the Catlins, Come Rain; Come Shine is a character-based piece that follows Robyn James Hode's attempts to future-proof his life from an extremely remote location. Hode writes to dozens of multi-national corporations in the hope of finding an institution willing to help in his task of storing and securing his precious belongings. Exploring relative isolation in a world dominated by global actors with the power to reach anywhere in the earth, Come Rain; Come Shine can also be considered a response to the ongoing debate concerning the existence of a centre / periphery system in the art world.

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Max Bellamy is an artist and filmmaker based in New Zealand. Though most often framing his practice through the lens of a camera, he has worked with sculpture, installation and works on paper. Bellamy’s practice taps social fantasies around (dis)location, expectation and doom, repositioning and distilling our saturated image terrain to provide some distance from the intimate relationship that we have with the screen.