Tim Wagg, I would rather be the worst at something than the best (still) , 2014

Probstian Aesthetic Curated by Dan Arps

19 November 2014 - 20 December 2014

Teghan Burt, Xin Cheng, Judy Darragh, Megan Dunn, Selena Gerzic, Oliver Gilbert, Christopher LG Hill, Virginia Overell, Eli Orzessek, Francis Till, Tim Wagg
Curated by Dan Arps

The ‘Probstian Aesthetic’ favours the qualities of persistent energy and emotional toughness. Who will construct the best makeshift shelter and create the most dominant alliance? Who will win the immunity idol and become the best sociopath?

The lean and muscular ‘Probstian Aesthetic’ evolves out of the interplay between the contestant and their setting: usually a conveniently uninhabited island somewhere in the tropics that has been outfitted with props that suggest a generic tribal neo-colonial and post-apocalyptic worldview.

Survivor’s democratic tribal council (a ritual back stabbing) seems relevant in an election year. The show presents an unfolding series of lies and machinations, identifying weakness and an ever-present anxiety over popularity and influence.

Curated according to the aspirational perfect balance of tribe members, the ‘Probstian Aesthetic’ is both a personal brand and a social game.