Shannon Williamson, Embrace (with ribs), 2012

Back to You Shannon Williamson

15 May 2012 - 16 June 2012

Shannon Williamson’s exhibition of new work presents the very process of her drawing and painting practice. Back to You is a series of three work-pairs: a ‘conventional watercolour-work-on-paper’ and its ‘skeleton’. Every mark that was made to create the ‘final’ watercolour work-on-paper was subsequently recorded on a separate, mirror 'skeleton’, piece. Every line that was discarded on the ‘final’ watercolour work has been permanently etched, stitched and cut into the ‘skeleton’ version.

Concerned with the sensuality and awkwardness of the human body; its angles, curves, napes, and points, the subjects in Back to You are both repellant and seemingly deserving of sympathy. It follows then, that in the creation of these subjects Williamson’s treatment of the paper mirrors the tactile manner in which we interact with those around us, at one moment caressing, stroking, building rapport, the next, silently extinguishing with repeated strokes anything that previously existed.

This prolonged and organic process is vital to Williamson, though prior to starting work on Back to You she had never attempted to record it. This experimental strand of Williamson’s work also questions studio and gallery distinctions of working sketch, finished work and documentation.

Shannon Williamson graduated from Ilam School of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) majoring in Painting in 2009. She is the current Resident at the SymbioticA Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts in Perth, Western Australia.

Presented alongside Simon Esling and Clara Chon Suicide Pavilions and Pick 'N Mix