Invite us to your studio

One of the key objectives of the Blue Oyster is to support and facilitate contemporary art practice in and from Dunedin. While staging exhibition and events at the gallery fulfills part of this objective, the Trustees of the Blue Oyster would like to further our dialogue with local artists about their work through studio visits.

The aim of these visits is to provide an opportunity for artists to receive critical feedback about their work in progress. While discussion of work in progress is a standard part of art education, many artists have limited opportunity to continue such conversation after they complete their education. Hence, the program is intended primarily for artists who are not currently pursuing formal study of art.

As this is a new addition to our activities, the exact format of the studio visits is yet to be defined. However, for this first round a group of between three and six individuals will visit artists’ studios to look at and discuss their work. The visitors will include a mix of trustees, artists and other engaged members of the arts community. The studio visits will be roughly 60-90 minutes in length.

If you would like to be considered for a studio visit, please submit a ONE PAGE letter in which you

1) Describe your most recent work and interests

2) Explain why you are interested in having a studio visit

3) Note any potential problems related to scheduling a visit  (i.e., you studio can only accommodate a few visitors, etc.)

4) Current stage of your career (i.e. have you undertaken any training or exhibitions?)