Zoe Crook and Aodhan Madden, Suspicious Minds, 2015


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The Blue Oyster aims to broaden an interest in contemporary art within the local and national community, and to provide a space for dialogue around contemporary art to develop. The Trust aims to present original work that responds and works in harmony with the Blue Oyster space, locale and history. 

We prioritise proposals that are speculative, and display new, innovative, experimental and non-commercial art practices. Proposals are selected on the depth and quality of the project proposed regardless of career stage or education. 

Proposal Terms

All proposals sent before the open date will not be addressed until the closing date. Senders will receive an initial confirmation, and will officially hear back on the notification date.

Keep your proposal clear, succinct and specific as possible.

Please refrain from submitting a proposal sent to another gallery or organisation.

As there are limited places available in the programme, we aren't able to accommodate all proposals submitted, but are happy to provide feedback on proposals where possible.

Download Floorplan (PDF)

Contact us to acquire the Google Sketch Up file (SKP)

2017 Exhibition Programme

Proposals open: 1 August 2016.
Deadline: 5pm 31 August 2016.
Notification date TBC.

Proposal must include the following:

1. 500 word written outline of your proposed project and how it fits into your current practice. Outlines that are self-aware, critical, well-researched and clearly written will be prioritised.

2. 4-5 Examples of your previous work, written, photographic, audio and video documentation encouraged in links to websites.

3. 1 page CV with an artist bio and contact details that explains your professional background and experience.

All proposals must be submitted by the closing deadline. Any proposals submitted after this time will not be considered. Only emailed proposals in PDF format will be accepted.

Email your proposal to director@blueoyster.org.nz